Low Cost

A highly competitive source of always on clean energy


Reducing risk and providing certainty with a factory built commoditised product


Making a meaningful impact across multiple countries, meeting unprecedented demand for clean energy solutions

Global & Scalable

Designed to attract traditional forms of capital through a low risk factory based solution

Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactors:
clean affordable energy for all

We are faced with an unprecedented demand for clean energy as global markets seek solutions on their journey to Net Zero. The demand is for energy that is always on and which generates no emissions. Nuclear energy is the most powerful source of always on clean energy, however, it must be deliverable, scalable and cost competitive for it to be widely embraced.

About us

At Rolls-Royce SMR Ltd we have designed a factory built nuclear power plant that will offer clean affordable energy for all.

One clear vision

Rolls-Royce SMR has been established with a clear vision – to deliver clean, affordable energy for all

To achieve this goal, speed and certainty are critical. Because Rolls-Royce SMR is able to produce a repeatable factory-built power station, that relies on tried and tested nuclear technology, it can be constructed and made operational far more quickly than conventional bespoke nuclear design and build technology.

The Rolls-Royce SMR approach lowers cost, reduces uncertainty and risk for developers and crucially, allows countries around the world to address their urgent need for low carbon energy.

Our Vision

Proven technology,
innovative delivery

Rolls-Royce brings together global industry leaders in energy generation and engineering, who will harness the potential of this ground-breaking approach to sustainable nuclear power.

Rolls-Royce SMR uses established nuclear technology and knowhow, to offer a sustainable, low cost, repeatable and scalable product, that can be rolled out around the world.

What they are saying

"Energy security, decarbonisation and electrification are fundamental to the growth and success of modern economies and the health of the planet, and have led to a significant and inevitable growth in the demand for new nuclear power. I am honoured to have the opportunity to contribute to Rolls-Royce SMR and the deployment of the UK's vital and deliverable solution to the global energy security challenge."

Sir Stephen Lovegrove GCMG KCB, Rolls-Royce SMR Chair

Next generation technologies such as Small and Advanced Modular Reactors, new nuclear will both produce low carbon power and create jobs and growth across the UK.

The Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, HM Government

Rolls-Royce is a great British company, which is why we previously made up to £210 million available from the advanced nuclear fund to Rolls-Royce SMR Ltd to support the development of its small modular reactor design.

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Nuclear and Networks), Andrew Bowie MP

SMRs are one of the most advanced nuclear power technologies in the world. Rather than having to be built on site, they're smaller and can be made in factories, transforming how power stations are built by making construction faster and less expensive. This tech could result in billions of pounds of public and private sector investment.

Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP