To Meet Global Energy Demands
We're Powering Increased Electrification
And We Need Your Diverse Thinking
To Meet Global Energy Demands
Rolls Royce SMR
We're Powering Increased Electrification
We are Rolls Royce SMR
And We Need Your Diverse Thinking

What We Offer

Reward is more than just a salary.

At Rolls-Royce SMR, our reward offering is focused on recognising your for your efforts and motivate you to continue achieving.

Rewards and Benefits

Our rewards and benefits scheme is designed for employees to have complete control.

By providing complete autonomy, you can focus on what’s important to you. Whether it’s investments, insurances or wellbeing, it’s in your hands.


Physical and mental wellbeing is the most important factor of everyone’s life. At Rolls-Royce SMR, we provide our employees with the support and infrastructure to be happy and healthy.   

How we support your wellbeing:

Reward – a reward and benefits scheme that gives employees complete control and autonomy to invest in themselves

Process – dedicated professionals and robust working environment evaluations ensure that employees are given the best advice and resources to perform

Community – we pride ourselves on our culture and providing an environment where employees can reach out to managers, colleagues and networks for advice and support

Flexible Working

Work is an activity, not a place. We understand due to commitments and lifestyle, the world of work has evolved beyond the 9 - 5. 

Whether its varied hours or hybrid working, our flexible working arrangements make it possible for employees to achieve a true work life balance. 

Your Career Journey 

At Rolls-Royce SMR, we don’t just want you to contribute, we want you to grow.

We have open dialogue with our employees to understand the ambitions for their career and set plans to achieve them. 

Whether it’s helping you obtain formal qualifications or pairing you with a mentor, Rolls-Royce SMR will provide you with a fulfilling career.