Independent Oversight Manager

Location: Derby

Organisation: Regulatory Affairs

Department: Nuclear Assurance

Required Security Clearance: BPSS

The Company

Rolls-Royce SMR is a start-up joint special purpose vehicle (SPV) business, specifically created to design, construct and deliver a new fleet of Small Modular Reactors power plants that will be a critical and strategic player in the race to Net Zero carbon emissions globally. Spun out of Rolls-Royce with its pedigree in engineering excellence but also attracting world class inward investment this is an exciting new business with an optimistic opportunity to be a global player in the coming years.

The Post

Reporting to the Head of Nuclear Assurance, the Independent Oversight Manager will be a key member of the independent challenge function in Rolls-Royce SMR and will be responsible for delivering internal challenge and advice to the Rolls-Royce SMR’s Safety, Environmental, Safeguards and Security (E3S) performance. The post-holder will be instrumental in enabling Nuclear Assurance evaluations of:
a) whether the business meets its objective of delivering a station design where risks are demonstratable As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP), utilises Best Available Techniques (BAT) and is ‘secure by design’, and
b) whether the business is meeting the regulatory expectations of a Requesting Party under Generic Design Assessment guidelines.


This is a rare and inspiring opportunity for an experienced assurance/oversight manager/inspector to influence the performance of the business as it establishes its culture, policies and arrangements, as well as influencing the E3S performance of the SMR design right from the start, as the company seeks Generic Design Acceptance from the UK Regulators.

Key Responsibilities

  • Delivery of an independent oversight programme including audit/inspection activities, surveillance of business operations and the provision of independent advice and challenge.
  • Use a range of range of oversight activities to generate independent evidence that supports Nuclear Assurance concurrence with key business decisions, including key E3S milestones in the Generic Design Assessment programme
  • Conducting, or managing the delivery of Independent Peer Review/Independent Nuclear Safety Assessment over key safety, security or environmental documentation
  • Owning the output and conclusions from all Independent Oversight activity influencing the business to respond appropriately to the relevant findings.
  • Process Ownership of Nuclear Assurance processes
  • Acting as Intelligent Customer where contractor resource is used to support Nuclear Assurance activity,
  • Engaging with a wide stakeholder network across the nuclear industry to ensure that we are always comparing against Relevant Good Practice.

Qualifications & Experience

• Degree Qualified Professional (e.g. minimum UK Masters degree or comparable experience) in a relevant discipline.
• Be a Chartered Engineer (CEng) or equivalent,
• Experience of delivering oversight/assurance activity in a large and complex organisation, ideally in the nuclear sector or in a similar high hazard industry subject to regulation
• Experience of managing or owning safety cases, environmental cases or security cases.
• Experience of working with, or delivering Independent Peer Review/Independent Nuclear Safety Assessment
• Awareness of the nuclear regulatory regime both in the UK and wider markets
• Ability to communicate effectively with any audience, quickly establishing credibility and buy-in.
• Ability to integrate well within a project team in a commercial environment. This will include working in collaboration with external partners and suppliers.
• Have knowledge and awareness of Export Control requirements.